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Meaningful strategies and profitable implementation of entrepreneurial thinking and action




PREDICTA|ME promotes the development of your employees.

Consistently. Continuously. To do this, we identify the competencies and typical behavioral patterns that already exist in each individual. Based on your requirements, we provide candidates with the necessary knowledge and tools for their daily work requierements. We offer employees a range of topic-specific seminars and workshops up to support programs in order to empower them to grow professionally and personally. Regardless of whether it's a specialist, management or project career - the measures are tailored to the individual.

The aim is to strengthen strengths and weaken weaknesses.

Constant companion in everyday business: The changes that you have to master

Constant change shapes our working reality. Companies are constantly required to adapt to new circumstances in order to secure and/or expand their business.

We help you to set up your organization so efficiently and effectively that you can respond flexibly to change while your employees can still stay focused.


This will reveal your company's existing strengths and untapped potential. Both form the basis for economic success and satisfied employees.

Reisender im Zug

Important for changes:
Stay focused and remain able to act.

Here you will find individual support with strategy and implementation!

All essential factors in view:

Synchronize employees, teams, leadership and structures precisely

Gemeinsam am Projekt arbeiten

Interpreneurial thinking and acting employees in the right places

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Managers who plan with foresight and make situational decisions

Managing directors who set the goals and determine the framework for action

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Planung in Aktion

Structures that provide orientation and allow flexibility

Professional organizational consulting

analytical | systematic | individual

Sound analysis and individual suggestions for action as a basis

In order for a development to be sustainably successful, employees, teams, management and departments must be aware of the status quo.


This assessment is carried out through needs-based analyses that are based on sound knowledge of psychology and sociology.

In addition to the results, the analysis report also contains individual suggestions for action for development.

Would you like to give it a try? Then request your demo access to the analysis now.

Besprechung im Büro

"Don't wait for opportunities. Get up and go for it! "

C.J. Walker | Entrepreneur and Philanthropist


Active change management with solid strategies and pragmatic implementation

to master the change confidently, quickly and successfully

  • Conception of strategy projects and support of implementation, e.g. in the areas of corporate identity and human resources

  • Individual detailed analyses and surveys, e.g. 360° feedback, potential analyses and assessments

  • 1:1 coaching of employees in key positions

  • Intelligent learning management system for establishing entrepreneurial thinking and action – multimedia, responsive and practical

  • Planning and implementation of live trainings to develop/expand knowledge and skills, e.g. leadership, communication, project management

  • Modern recruiting strategies and concepts for effective on-boarding

  • Regular progress and success measurements

Key factors for success
Involve and convince people

Involve the right people

In every company there are already people who others trust and who think and act entrepreneurially. Find them and make them ambassadors of change.

Maintain good communication
From the very beginning of the process, place great emphasis on targeted communication. Involve employees and maintain an open dialogue.

Paint an attractive picture of the future

Give your employees a very concrete idea of what the changes will improve for them - otherwise they will (unconsciously) resist them.

We accompany your change professionally and pragmatically - for the good of your business and the well-being of your employees!



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