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Organisationsverhalten, Recruiting, Führungsentwicklung, Führungskräfte, Training


PREDICTA|ME promotes the development of your employees.

Consistently. Continuously. To do this, we identify the competencies and typical behavioral patterns that already exist in each individual. Based on your requirements, we provide candidates with the necessary knowledge and tools for their daily work requierements. We offer employees a range of topic-specific seminars and workshops up to support programs in order to empower them to grow professionally and personally. Regardless of whether it's a specialist, management or project career - the measures are tailored to the individual.

The aim is to strengthen strengths and weaken weaknesses.

1:1 coaching

Knowledge of your own strengths and weaknesses are central elements of personal development for discovering your own potential and problem areas.


With the support of scientifically based analyses, you gain a deep insight into your personality traits.


The resulting findings form the basis for the further individual development process.  ​


In our continuous coaching process we make use of proven and effective methods that support the implementation. Methods that are useful in recruiting as well as in development.

Lächelnde Frau

Design your individual process 

  • create self-awareness

  • Get to know personal characteristics

  • Get to know your behavior pattern

  • Starting self reflection

  • Getting to know how you perceive yourself and how you are perceived by others

  • Checking your competence fitting

  • Checking your environment fitting

  • Analysing the professional situation

  • Determining a strategy

  • Creating of an individual career plan

  • Self-marketing

  • Getting to know your own potential

  • Being able to use strengths

  • Learning to act authentically

  • Applying what has been learned

  • Monitoring continously

  • Implementing networking strategies

  • Building a strategic power network

  • Create visibility in your environment


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