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"Organizational behavior is the application of knowledge about how individuals and groups in an organization act and react in order to achieve and use the highest quality of services!"

Dr. Daniel Nummer,

Managing Director PREDICTA|ME GmbH

Numerous opportunities arise from recognizing the so-called PEOPLECOSYSTEM©:


A continuous observation of organizational behavior enables the company or organization to "perceive" itself - to recognize the consequences the perceived behavior has in the organizational components.

Such an "early warning system" can anonymously visualize atmospheric crises in the respective environment in a very timely manner and help to eliminate internal threats to successful corporate development at an early stage – and thus reduce the economic risk of a company.


The goal is to recognize your employees potentials, the way they cooperate as well as the way your leaders behave. Aligning leadership behavior with the hidden potential and skills of your employees, you can significantly increase the performance of your company. Your highest organizational costs - personnel costs - will be used wisely.

  • Modern learning management

  • Lean, fast, better communication

  • Access to all employee and leadership development training courses

  • Information system that sends and reminds via "push".

  • Reception of anonymous advice

  • Learning of leadership in everyday life 

  • Easiest way to manage documents

  • Conflict Resolution Notes 

  • Suitability for employees without email

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Work better in a playful way

  • Get better through small training sessions and microtasks without wasting time

  • Put announcements and "news" in the right light

  • Bring your teams up to date

  • Express challenges and receive suggestions from your employees and your management team

  • Implement projects and campaigns faster

  • Connect employees and leadership

Assistance systems for the best cooperation

JEANNIE©  offers you a variety of support

  • recruiting algorithms

  • onboarding tool

  • 360° feedback

  • Personnel & leadership assessments

  • value management

  • potential analysis

  • Personality and competence analyses

  • behavioral pattern recognition

  • Team analyzes (role distribution & individual competencies)

  • needs analyses

  • Learning & Development


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